It's Back To The Future Day!

When Marty McFly got in the time machine,
he went forward to today!
It's Back To The Future Day!

This website is a joke, made to both mock and facilitate further viral hoaxes that will surely occur as we approach and pass the actual date from the movie, October 21, 2015. The image above will always show today's date, and, if you have javascript enabled on a modern browser, your local time. Send it to your friends both to trick them and to fondly remember an epic cinematic trilogy. We don't have hoverboards or flying cars powered by rubbish, but we cannot give up hope for...the Future.

Back To The Future Day Generator

Make your own!

Got an event coming up you'd like to trick people into thinking is on Back To The Future Day? Use our Back To The Future Day Generator to make an image! Pick a date, right click on the image, and save it.

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